Alice’s Animals

It’s time for the grand unveiling of Alice’s Animals, since Alice herself has been unveiled this weekend. 88240565_10219253337578790_3572927093895331840_nBack in September, John Renaud of Art East Quilting Company announced the Wonderful Woodland Quilt Sew Along. When I saw his moose, I had to join in, even though I am trying my level best to avoid the lure of quilt alongs, and block of the months, and other quilting imperatives. That moose! He had to be made. Here in Newfoundland, the fall moose hunt is a big event. Normally sensible men take off on bonding/drinking/camping weekends ’cause they “gotta get der moose”. You’d swear their families would starve if they didn’t. Now, if they took only a portion of the money they spent on quads and guns and butchers, they’d be eating filet all year. I digress. I got my moose. I didn’t like his straight legs; moose have pretty prominent knees, so I added some.

88434820_10219253275137229_210210572937986048_nMy daughter’s friend was expecting her first baby this winter, so I found a few scraps from her wedding quilt to make the maple leaves and hooves, thinking this quilt would probably be perfect for a family who owned a summer camp. The next month the bear appeared, and he quickly joined the moose. I had an almost overwhelming desire to put a fish in his lap, but I thought it would be hard for that not to be rude. He looked a bit sheepish already; if you look closely, you’ll see honeycomb on his snout. He’s been up to no good.88105656_10219253277697293_5460420806506971136_n

A beaver got made but ended up in my Home quilt, so I had to make another, this time in turquoise and green. In unrelated news, I also made some Mochi blocks, designed by Natalie Barnes from a  Beyond the Reef pattern I had had for ages, and put them on the design wall. It was a bit of an “Aha!” moment. They looked fabulous with the beasties who were lounging there. Wonder if bears and moose like Mochi? I decided to chance it.

88224515_10219253287297533_3553797571551952896_nNow that I knew how the quilt would come together, I picked up the pace. I made a fox and a squirrel, designed by Lorna McMahon of Sew Fresh Quilts. More wedding quilt fabric was used in their construction.88988339_10219253288097553_6417149751220764672_nWhen I had a good look at it, I realized I didn’t want to include the fox after all. I preferred the symmetry of four beasts. The gaps were filled with Mochi blocks, some whole, some not, and the top was quilted. I added a little bit of love in the moose and bear hearts.

88224477_10219253338258807_5766030540188680192_nWith a scrappy binding finished,  Alice’s Animals was ready for a photo shoot. 89123055_10219253337858797_4477989725226926080_nThose snow banks aren’t as smooth as they could be, but never fear. That’ll change. It’s snowing right now! What a great day for quilting!

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22 thoughts on “Alice’s Animals

  1. I don’t know how I missed this one but glad it was showing at the bottom of the UFO quilt, which is the post in my Inbox, that I came to read fully and comment upon. I love this! The moose is my favourite, and I bought Lorna’s squirrel pattern (obvi).


  2. Ann, you are probably the most adept “pattern adapter” I know! I love all your creations, you have a good eye for what you can put together and how you can lift it another notch. This is yet another, and I hope Alice will treasure it. Congrats to all involved in the unveiling of the lucky baby too.


    1. What a nice thing to say, Dionne! I’m rarely able to follow a pattern without changing it, so I’m going to take your comment as an endorsement of the changes. I hope Alice enjoys it. Her mother is a fabulous potter, among other things, so I’m sure it’ll be appreciated.

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  3. Oh my goodness, this quilt is chockablock full of goodness and warm wishes. The moose is so attractive, no surprise you fell for his charms. Glad you improved his knees 🙂 The leaves had me going awww…..
    Alice is such a lucky baby. I am sure she will have loads of fun with Bear, Moose, Fox and the others. So much love and care in one quilt…amazing!!!


  4. LOVE this quilt!!! I sure like how you told us about your process of adding the Mochi blocks. I had to laugh about the hunting moose … one of my brother-in-laws always says to anyone driving on the highway … watch out for M&Ms. Moose and Mounties!
    I’m sure we’ll see the fox in a future quilt!
    Happy Quilting! 🙂


  5. Those fox are sly creatures; I’m sure he bolted off before you could catch him. The moose is perfect, the bear makes me giggle. So fun how you’ve combined patterns to make a unique quilt. Great story behind it as well!


  6. Fabulous Ann! I’m quite sure you will send the fox on his own adventure some day and I can’t wait to see where he goes…!


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