Building a Home II

67767392_10217474759115440_2898006054577111040_nBuilding a Home is finished!

Back in June, I blogged about Building a Home, and its construction ups and downs. I am happy to report that it has been quilted, bound and delivered.

I am a procrastinator. I have known for months that the wedding celebration was today, August 10. The top has been finished for two months. The backing has been washed and ironed and ready to go for ages. When did I start quilting it? Thursday, August 8. Now, I did start at 5am since I had already lain in my bed, wide awake, trying to decide how I would quilt it, for an hour. You see, the reason I hadn’t done it before was that I had no idea how to quilt it. That, and the fact I was immersed in another wedding quilt, and the Summer Sampler 2019, and I had company, and it’s finally summer…You get the picture.

My plan was to have vertical lines for the 2×4 blocks and something else in the log cabin blocks, so I started. I found the vertical lines a bit dull, so every block or two I added a small section of a different motif. There are hearts, and circles, and houses, and dot to dots, and waves… The scattered blocks from the Square hole, round peg pattern by Poppyprints got flowers, each one a little different from the others. Then I got to the two block high section of those blocks, and thought I would do a giant feather, but the area was just too big for that. I had my circle rulers handy from making the Oasis block of the Summer Sampler 2019, so I thought I’d try to make a couple interlocking rings, and work outwards from there.67708294_10217474759035438_8141373009379196928_n

I finished the quilting and trimming late that afternoon and took it to the wharf for some shots. I was worried that rain was coming, and I wanted to be sure I had a record of the quilting.

I turned it over so the quilting would show even more clearly.

I then headed to my LQS in a successful hunt for the binding. Thank goodness it had a particularly late opening that night. The fabric came home, went through the washer and was attached. I even managed to find the time to sew it down by hand, despite a few distractions. My visiting daughter, Maura, the sommelier, paired a beautifully aged Chenin from Niagara with our feast of excellent Indian food. It was delicious. And was followed by a nap. 67932746_10217474761315495_7357937254800556032_n

I finished the binding this morning, and commandeered the visitors (aka Maura and her girlfriend, Maris) to hold the quilt for some pictures.

It hadn’t seemed windy, but it clearly was, so I retreated to the shelter of the garden. The picture on the left looks like I am trying to cover up something. The one on the right is better.

Photoshoot complete, I rolled up the quilt and wrapped it in a ribbon. My daughter is giving it to her good friends today, along with a lovely bottle of wine and all the good wishes in the world. Linking up with Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict.