Bowtie Baby

It’s time to show you what happens when I’m idle. There’ve been a few projects, although not as many as I thought I’d make in this time of working a couple days a week. Meal prep, bathing, walking and napping go a long way to filling a day. Napping is my favourite. I’m clearly getting into retirement mode. Still, there’s always sewing. Thank goodness. IMG_6033Kari of Quilts for the Making posted instructions for six inch blocks for her Scrap Snap Quilt Along, and I made a few. They’re lovely blocks and well worth a look, but they called for pieces at least 2 1/2″ square and my scraps were of all sizes. Needless to say, my blocks were soon made of those pieces of all sizes, although I did restrict their colours. I made a few and lost interest.

Not long afterwards, I was leafing through a magazine and saw bowtie blocks arranged to make circles. Can I find that magazine now? Of course not. I’d been wanting to make bowtie blocks since our Guild had had a bowtie block draw that I did not win. I set to work, and popped a few on the design wall. IMG_5393As you can see, the design wall was not empty. For once, my less than tidy ways were rewarded. I sent the picture to Gillian, aka Sew Golly, my early morning quilting consultant and friend, who commented that she liked the blocks together. Brilliant. I was off the to the races. Well no, I was off to the scrap bag. And the stash. And the flimsy was finished.

It had to wait a while to be quilted. I’ve acquired a new longarm, now known as Veronique, and it has taken me some time to learn her ways. Bowtie Baby was the second quilt I finished on her. Yesterday I took her (the quilt, not the longarm)  out and did the first pondside shots of the year.

It may be May, but we clearly still have a way to go before it’s time to swim. There’ll be no May 24 dip for this wimp. Anyone else out there game? Never mind, we’re not welcoming tourists in Newfoundland this year. You keep your covid and we’ll keep ours which, mercifully, is under control for the moment. May you all be as lucky.IMG_6021Here’s to finding joy in the little things. Like little quilts. Happy sewing.

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