Progress on the Shimmer

This is Shimmer in her present state. She’s almost off the PHD list.
29177464_10213782279645761_428994982930546688_nYou may have read my Quiltcon at Home with the saga of the backing for this quilt. I am happy to report that I’m now pleased the original back was flawed. The pieced back didn’t cause me too much thread breakage grief, and that I love the initials. I hope the newly weds will be charmed by them too, when they get the quilt in September.29104056_10213782305606410_7539180957681582080_nI struggled with the quilting. My tension wasn’t great for the first third of the quilt, despite having done a trial sample. The lines were fine, but the swirls were plagued with eyelashes. And there were tucks. I was ready to take the whole thing and pitch it. I left it for a week. Then I put on my big girl pants and went to work. I adjusted the tension, and checked and checked again. And kept going, thinking all the while that I could applique some pictures to cover up those tucks. When it was done, I rolled back to the beginning and picked out the worst of the eyelashes, and redid those bits of quilting.

Yesterday I pulled it off the frame and dumped it on a bed. Oh my goodness, it’s OK. The tucks don’t scream at you, and the bits with questionable tension will do. 29179051_10213782279405755_7867688081141268480_n

This quilt is proof that some mistakes you obsess over really aren’t so critical in the big picture; you just have to put your head down and keep going. Rule to live by.

29186746_10213782279805765_6453885212093841408_nThere will be scallops in the final border. They’re quilted in, but can’t really be seen until I add the binding and trim the curves. That’s a project for the summer, after my own daughter’s wedding in May. I need to get going on her quilt first; so far it’s just a small pile of squares.

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9 thoughts on “Progress on the Shimmer

  1. Hi Ann,
    What a beautiful quilt! I think your quilting looks fabulous and the initials on the back is so cool and clever! How can they not like that? I can just imagine showing that to future their future children (maybe), like initials carved in a tree. A wedding in May?!! Wow – that is not to far from now. I can’t wait to see your daughter’s quilt and this one with its scalloped edge. ~smile~ Roseanne


  2. We will forever be our own worst critics. This quilt it gorgeous and your quilting only adds to its beauty. The fabrics are warm, fun and bright and your quilting adds yummy texture. I can’t wait to see the scalloped edges. That’s something I’ve never been brave enough to try yet. And, momma, you might want to get cracking…May is right around the corner 🙂

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