Fancy Forest and Birds revisited


51685653_10216179837823217_8973306688555712512_nFinally, after more than a year in the making, Fancy Forest and Birds has been quilted and bound. The story behind its construction is in an earlier post.

I did need to add some leaves to the flimsy. After considering making lots of different kinds of leaves, I decided to use just the orange peel ones I had been given, make some more like them from batik scraps cut for another project, and sew them on. I used steam a seam 2, but secured the edges with a purposely irregular “satin” stitch, which (in my dreams) mimicked leave edges.51648774_10216179837623212_1920384838452379648_n

Now that my longarm is finally up and running, I have started to work my way through the backlog of projects left from last year. After a couple DrEAMi baby quilts, this was in line. I wondered how it should be quilted. While there are many Fancy Forest quilts with all over designs, I wanted more for these little darlings, so I searched the internet for ideas. And found images Natalia Bonner’s custom quilting. This became my inspiration, especially for the butterfly, thistle, owls, and rabbit ears. I was a little disappointed that my batik background hid my stitching; I quickly decided on simple swirls, and put some woodgrain in the tree trunks.

The scrappy quilt demanded a scrappy binding. I wanted the definition a contrasting binding gives, but didn’t want it to demand attention. I limited it to a selection of orange reds, and this is the result.51754553_10216179837703214_719365257818013696_nOn this dull, black and white day, it’s hard to see that the binding is scrappy, but you can see that the animals come to life when I’m not looking. Here’s proof that the rabbits were on the move.51570552_10216179837543210_7573907962998030336_nHappy quilting!

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