Happy Trees

Here we are with only ten months to go until Christmas, so I thought I’d share my newly finished Christmas quilt. Am I an early bird, or what? Obviously, or what. I must confess it was my intention to have it done for 2019. Other quilts got in the way. Please God, I’ll have many more Christmases in which to enjoy this piece of happiness.

87206198_10219183489712637_9145048046877278208_nThere’s something irresistible about a festive Christmas quilt. The pure joy of bright colours and happy images pulls me in every time, so when I saw Amy Smart’s Pine Hollow Patchwork Forest quilt, I had to make it. I was up to my eyes with projects, but it didn’t matter. It had to be made.

I based my colour scheme on a piece of  Helen’s Garden from Festive Forest by Tamara Kate. Many sensible people read a pattern, cut all the pieces and proceed in a methodical fashion to make it. Not me. I picked six fabrics and made six tiny trees.

I found the navy trunks overpowering. I decided I didn’t want all the trees to have the same trunks. It was time for some medium sized trees, and then three big ones.

Stars landed in a couple of those big trees, as suggested by the pattern, but my favourite block was the medium sized lollipop tree. It took a little fiddling to land that star where it should be, but I did it. Here’s the block on my front door. 87174003_10219183466352053_8264080267975589888_nIt was so much fun to assemble the blocks; each added something to the overall effect. Even the little orange trees, which were the last I made, were important. They brought brightness to the quilt; it was the final infusion of life.

Don’t you just love my design floor? I have a wall, but at 4×7′ it is too small for a biggish quilt, so the design floor is important, situated as it is, beside an open stairwell, where I can stand and view things from on high.

The flimsy was finished well before Christmas, but I had more pressing things to make than a quilt for myself, so it waited. The last few weeks I’ve been on a mission to quilt tops, so Happy Trees finally made it onto the longarm and was finished. Each block has it’s own motif, as does each tree. I had lots of fun playing with different designs, confident that they’d never be clearly seen because of the busy fabrics. Then I took it off the frame and looked at the back, which was a solid velour, and every stitch was evident. Luckily, from a distance, it looks fine. In fact, I was rather pleased with it.

It’s been a challenging winter, as you may have guessed from the pictures. Yesterday evening I was a bit too late getting outdoors, but this morning, I put on my snowshoes and ventured over to my friend’s place to take a few pictures. See my tracks?

85251191_10219183489792639_9113988990876254208_n Then, inspired by the banks of snow in her driveway, I staged the first Hogans Pond Quilt Show. Who needs clotheslines when you have snowbanks?

You may recognize the pink quilt as one of my orphan block creations, mentioned in my first blog post of the year. It, too, has been finished, as has the third quilt in the show. You’ll hear more about that one later. For now, here are a couple more winter pictures for those of you who think it is spring.

Happy Quilting!

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18 thoughts on “Happy Trees

  1. That is an organic approach to designing and a liberating one as well. I am a big fan of this approach – let the fabric and the pattern guide you. Ahem, you are ALSO early for Christmas in July. the snowy backdrop is the perfect setting for your gorgeous trees. No snow in the Washington DC metro area, so I am a bit jealous.


    1. Definitely early, even for St. Patrick’s Day, and yes, the “organic” approach works well for me too. Don’t be too jealous of our snow. The city was shut down for a full week after a record snowfall. It was fun for the first few days, but not so much after that. As one comedian said, the biggest problem was living with yourself.


  2. Hi Ann! Your tree quilt is a vision of Spring atop all of that snow. Egads, that is a lot of snow in front of the garage door. It looks like a car couldn’t possibly get in or out but I hope it’s just the angle of the photo. Mother Nature is reminding us that she is in control here and winter is definitely not over. Lovely finish and I certainly hope you get to enjoy it for many, many years. ~smile~ Roseanne


  3. What a fun Christmas quilt! Gord came down when I was reading your post … First, he said, “I know exactly where her design floor is. It’s a great place!” Then, “Of course, the snow bank is the perfect place for the first Hogan’s Pond Quilt show!” We both fondly remember our wonderful visit with you!
    Happy Quilting! 🙂


  4. Beautiful, Ann. I have started a red and white tree quilt, but it has been pushed to the back of the pile. You’ve inspired me and I’ve challenged myself to finish it for Christmas 2020. Quilts in the snow banks….perfect backdrop.


  5. Such a lovely Christmas quilt! Only someone as positive as yourself would take advantage of the pristine snow as the perfect backdrop for those pretty quilts!


  6. You had the perfect setting for showing off a finished Christmas quilt! Those of us with chilly winters always manage to find some fun despite the snow, and all your quiltmaking is one of them. They are all bright and cheerful – I’m especially drawn to that moose . . .


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