CQA block quilts

Here are two little quilts that have just come to life! I’m tempted to call them Romulus and Remus, but I leave the naming to the new owners. 71783162_10217952955550052_3919930803252887552_nThis January the Canadian Quilters’ Association challenged quilters to make a block a week for 52 weeks. Free instructions for each 6″ block, designed by Jacquie Philpott, appeared every Tuesday morning and were available for a few weeks. They were well written instructions for charming blocks, doable by even beginning quilters. Always in search of a challenge, I went straight to my stash and started cutting.

I love yellow. I love red. Back in January, there was probably still some Christmas red on the cutting mat, and there was certainly some yellow from a yellow and grey quilt there. I’d make scrappy yellow, red and white blocks. For the first block, I found a princess. And then there were some bluebirds… And a geisha…And gnomes…

72111676_10217952971990463_5872695627783077888_nThe year progressed and I kept up with the blocks, even if I sometimes made three at a time. They were fun. I finished ten, twenty, thirty blocks. And then I was done.

By late August I was in the throws of Charlotte construction, and the unfinished blocks of the Summer Sampler 2019 were weighing heavily on my mind. I had also committed to the Wonderful Woodland quilt along, and that was about to start. Why was my hobby causing me grief? Surely, it should bring me joy. I needed to declutter. Those blocks had to come off my to do list.

I spent much of last year finishing UFOs. I certainly didn’t get them all finished, but I resolved there would be no new ones created, so the already constructed CQA blocks had to be dealt with.

I took 20 and arranged them into rows, alternating with a cute print from my stash that reminded me of Richard Skerries’ books.72312547_10217952953990013_6777738403480862720_n

When I was left with 10 blocks, I made a few more, and combined them with the last of that print and the trimmings from the back of Charlotte.

72394592_10217952954390023_8682247110071943168_nI pieced backs from flannel, quilted them in a very relaxed fashion, and bound them with stripes. This morning, I threw them in the washer and dryer, and took them out to play in the garden. Possibly I should have played first and washed second, but it’s too late now. The pictures are done. I think I avoided the bird poop on the wharf.72297198_10217952954550027_2132996671770984448_n

As you can see, our leaves are changing. I couldn’t resist the look of red and yellow quilts in yellow dogberry trees. And of course, they had to have wharf pictures taken. See? The leaves are changing across the pond, too.



Then, because I painted the railing on my deck this summer for the express purpose of taking quilt pictures, I took one there. It’s a bit dark, but doesn’t that railing look good?72275119_10217952955630054_3192471293018505216_n

Here they are, the little darlings. I think they’re on their way to some neighbours with a three year old and a new baby where, please God, they’ll bring joy.

Happy quilting.

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19 thoughts on “CQA block quilts

  1. Such bright and happy quits for a pair of siblings! We love Richard Scary books and you are right, that print looks like his drawings. Your turning leaves look beautiful, fall still hasn’t really arrived to my piece of North Carolina.


  2. Ann, what a great idea!!! I’m slowly working through the blocks … but am way behind. I like your idea of stopping when I’ve had enough and making a quilt. Time will tell!
    Your quilts look great! Love them!
    Happy Quilting! 🙂


  3. Oh the things we do, painting railings expressly for quilt photography! Love it. And I love your quilts, so glad they are not weighing on you and will brighten up two little lives into the bargain. Thanks for joining up to Colour & Inspiration Tuesday


  4. Oh my goodness!!! They did not just come to life. They burst upon the scene with a bang, followed by a song and dance. I am sure they will bring joy and comfort wherever they go. The fact that you saved it from bird poop made me smile because baby quilts will be peed on, pooped on and barfed on. And that is exactly what quilts are for – to be used till they are threadbare. I would have it no other way.


  5. Hi Ann! I am 100% certain they will bring great joy and so much love to those two littles. How could they not?! They are beautiful, sewn and quilted with lots of love. And the dock photos!! No swimming with the fishies for these two quilts?!! ~smile~ Roseanne

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  6. I’m pretty sure they will bring joy and plenty of snuggles. Great way to use up blocks! I always enjoy seeing your wharf photos, and the quilts against those yellow dogberry trees makes for a pretty shot!


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