Mr. Walrus

Meet Mr. Walrus, my latest quilt, created during Quilting Gail’s baby quilt marathon.

66762262_10217289620167082_8453995917849133056_nBack in her early university days, my older daughter, Margaret,  taught sailing at a YMCA camp in the Finger Lakes of New York. Her second in command, Annie, was a hilariously funny, sweet girl; they rapidly became bosom buddies. When Annie got married, Margaret was a bridesmaid. When Margaret got married, Annie was her Master of Ceremonies. At that wedding, I met Annie’s husband, who responded with, “You’re the person who made the beautiful quilt we sleep under every night. Thank you. ” Did a quilter ever hear sweeter words? Here’s a picture of it, from my pre-blogging days. It’s Hampton’s Quilt Pattern from It’s Sew Emma.  img_1081.jpgThe stitch and flip construction method of the pattern resulted in a number of cut off  triangles. I sewed them together and hoarded them. When Annie’s first son was expected, I was ready. I trimmed those triangles, sewed them together, added an Elizabeth Hartman Preppy the Whale, and made him a quilt. Here it is, plunked on a bed for a quick picture before being gifted. DSCN1617Fast forward a couple years and Annie is pregnant again. The triangles have all been used up, but never fear, fabric hoarder is here. I had taken the remaining scraps and cobbled them into an improv piece of fabric, and had put aside a few of the larger leftovers, along with other fabric from the same collection. I had the makings of a quilt.

If one child had gotten a whale, the other needed an impressive sea creature too. Elizabeth Hartman came to the rescue again. This is her Walrus, from her North Stars pattern. He took a while to cut out, but the piecing was absolutely straight forward; I highly recommend her patterns. You do need to label the pattern pieces as you cut them; I use masking tape and a pen.

Before long, Mr. Walrus was complete, and I was challenged with putting him into a quilt. I was slow; indecision plagued me.  It took me more than an hour to move from the picture on the left to the one on the right. All that time for a few half square triangles and some scraps!

I decided to add some love, in the form of hugs and kisses (o’s and x’s), but they needed a little definition, so I added some narrow partial borders.


Then it was time to slice up the improv fabric slab and add it. The top corner got a star for interest and inspiration, to make up for a shortfall in the fabric, and to balance the design a bit. Amazing what one simple star can do!

66936619_10217296580421084_4743469895834927104_nThe hunt for a backing was a little challenging since it needed to be 44′ wide. I ended up inserting a stripe into some flannel, and although I did suffer some thread breakage when quilting the centre seam, it was fine in the end. The quilting was a pretty basic loopy meander, although I did add a number of stars and hearts, and some cool hairlike texture to the walrus himself.  He was finished with some solid grey binding, attached by machine and sewn down by hand.

The weather here has been wet and cool for days now, but finally it cleared and Mr. Walrus had his photo taken. First he went to the Marine Sciences Centre, but his friends, the seals, were unavailable.67267131_10217289619607068_8815933657991610368_n

Off he went to a nearby beach and relaxed on the rocks.

Isn’t it interesting the difference light makes? The sun had just done down behind the hill in the right picture, but still lit up the rocks in the left one nicely.


The quilt was finished on June 13 after 15 hours work. Thanks to Quilting Gail’s marathon,  I have completed two baby quilts this month. To fill up the last .7 hour of the 26.2, I cut pieces for another. They are now in my leader/ender basket. Marathon completed.

Linking up with Quilting Gail and Susan’s Midweek Makers at Quilt Fabrication.

28 thoughts on “Mr. Walrus

  1. I have so many emotions. Jealousy. Because I have yet to hear words such as – You’re the person who made the beautiful quilt we sleep under every night.”
    Wonder – all those saved triangles waited all this time for a miraculous reason. A new baby!!!
    Joy – because your quilt (actually both of them) inspires happiness.
    Love – Mr. Walrus is very handsome. I think I am crushing on him, just a tad!!!


    1. Mr. Walrus is a handsome brute, isn’t he? The quilts gave me joy to make, and to give. All three of them. They couldn’t have gone to a better home, as evidenced by they thanks. Baby 2 is about to make his appearance any day, and I’m excited to put his name on it and send it off. As for the triangles…I’m a fabric hoarder.


  2. Wow, I love how all three quilts are made with the same fabrics, years apart! Mr. Walrus is adorable and is a great companion for the whale. And seriously, absolutely best compliment for a quilter, that young man!!!


  3. What a wonderful baby quilt!!! Terry & I were talking about it on the phone last night. She’s in LOVE with it!!! I love how it goes with the rest of the family’s quilts! Perfect! Thank you for participating in the Baby Quilt Marathon!
    Happy Quilting! 🙂


  4. Hi Ann! What a fun post, and a fabulous finish to the marathon. I think it’s high time that you are rewarded for your many accomplishments. A marathon finish in record time, fabric hoarder that saved the day . . . what next?!! I can send you an award like we designed for Gail. Now, on to the topic at hand – Walter, Wally, ?? the Walrus is just adorable. He enjoyed his time hoping to visit his seal friends, and sunning on the rocks is totally his comfort zone. I love every.single.thing.about.this.quilt. The colors, the fabric, that there’s some of the original fabric from the wedding quilt – just everything. Really nice job, Ann. ~smile~ Roseanne


  5. Love Mr Walrus ❤️ The beach photos are perfect. Nothing beats a beach for the perfect shot. I love too how the scraps from the wedding quilt become the baby quilts; there is a book in that. 🤔


  6. This is the first post I’ve read this morning while I have my first cup of coffee, and I must say I’m glad I started my day here. What a totally amazing quilt! I love a quilt with a story, and this is the best.


  7. I think quilters could live on feedback like that for, well, years! What a lovely thing to say to you. How fun is it that you’ve been able to make baby quilts from the scraps of their wedding quilt – I love that! Mr. Walrus is indeed handsome, and fitting that he should have a photoshoot on the rocks by the water. My daughter was in Alaska recently and saw his relatives floating on an iceberg. No quilts on them though – haha! Way to meet your baby quilt challenge!


  8. That’s such an ADORABLE quilt!! I’m sure they are thrilled…as well as having 3 “companion” quilts. Just wonderful.
    And you shared a great tip about how to use those leftover triangles. Love it!!
    Thanks for sharing


  9. So wonderful to see all the quilts. And congrats for managing to hold onto all the scraps for so long. Beautiful work. I like Elizabeth Hartman’s patterns, too.


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