Hourglass runner

There once was a frustrated quilter,

Whose blocks were a bit out of kilter.

Her luck had run out,

So she cast all about,

To find something to sew that was better. 

And that is how this hourglass runner came to be.


Early this month, I attended the Maritime Modern Quilt Guild’s retreat at beautiful White Point Lodge in Nova Scotia. It was wonderful. The place was lovely, the food tasty, the ladies absolutely fabulously welcoming. The weather could have been better, but that didn’t really matter. What did matter is that the project I most wanted to finish was causing me endless grief. For whatever reason, the intersections weren’t perfect, the colour was questionable and I just needed a break from it.

I had won a pack of 6 inch squares of Rowan fabric, and had some trimmings from a cream wide backing with me. In frustration, near the end of the retreat, I decided to make hourglasses. Fabric combinations were random, except I eliminated most of the duplicates in the pack, and didn’t combine like fabric. I sewed with more enthusiasm than accuracy, brought them home, trimmed them and put them on my design wall. 57490380_10216661500184475_8548540590554349568_n

When I saw that the hourglasses formed chevrons if they were staggered, I started to like the project. When I realized I had the makings of a very nice runner, I proceeded with gusto, finding more of that backing to make borders and backing and binding. In retrospect, a little less gusto and a bit more care would have resulted in more precise points, but given my initial frame of mind, it’s amazing there are any points at all.

At the retreat, Gillian, aka @sewgolly on instagram, helped Andrea, aka @3rdstoryworkshop, style a new quilt for beach glamour shots. Of course, I had to join in the action, adding seaweed and wood and pine cones and all manner of junk to their carefully orchestrated photos. This weekend, I visited Gillian at her Newfoundland home in Old Perlican, and took the runner for its turn in the photo sun. But that sun didn’t shine. There was snow. There was wind. There were two warmly dressed women trying to keep a quilt under control. And these are the results.

So much for holding the runner up! Full marks for effort, Gillian.

We tried laying it on the beach.

Please note that there are rocks on the runner. They were placed to keep it from going out to sea, not for artistic effect. And yes, that’s me, one mitten off, taking a picture. If you look really closely you can see white dots on my coat. Snow.

So we went a little further from the beach and tried laying it on things like winches and lobster pots.

Finally, we went to the gazebo, designed for lovely summer evenings. By then, the battery in my phone had run out, and Gillian took some pictures. They are definitely better than mine.

Photo shoot finished, we went inside to warm up. The next day dawned bright and sunny, and I drove home, via Dildo. And no, I’m not being rude. The name appeared on nautical charts from 1711 onwards, and the town is now known for excellent fish and chips (which I had for lunch) and craft beer (tasted that too). 57408120_10216658514789842_8586378054136233984_nThe runner is enjoying a calm day on the deck of the Dildo Dory restaurant.

May you all find peace and love and chocolate. Happy Easter.

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16 thoughts on “Hourglass runner

  1. Very modern look. Some runner, some restaurant. What is with the name – Dildo Dory. Yeah, I noticed.
    I know photoshoots can be a challenge but they are so worth it.


  2. I love knowing I’m not the only one with quilt photoshoot outtakes! Your runner looks fantastic, and I’m super jealous of the fish and chips!


  3. Hi Ann! I think your table runner turned out just great. I’m glad it survived the photo shoot and didn’t end up going out to sea. The nice quiet shot at the restaurant shows it off so nicely! I hope you are enjoying it on your table. Happy Easter! ~smile~ Roseanne


  4. I love your table runner! It’s pretty neat! It’s not easy to do a photo shoot in NF! 🙂 You did well to get the wonderful calm shot in Dildo! I know where you had fish & chips … I will have to go there the next time we’re there! Happy Quilting! 🙂


  5. You had me chuckling from the start. You two have to get gold stars, chocolate, wine or whatever for braving the weather for the glam shots. This runner has to stay with you, so the story can be told! It’s a pretty runner, even with all the drama behind it 🙂


  6. Lol It was all a grand adventure which included tea buns. I hope to see this on your dining table taking pride of place.


  7. Happy Easter to you Ann. It seems that you had another adventure and came home with some interesting pictures and a few more memories. BTW the runner is lovely!


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