Squared Away at Last

Here she is, quilters, in all her glory. 53898188_10216398681254166_2604385159461470208_nYou’ve seen her as a flimsy and you’ve seen her partly afloat. Squared Away has now been successfully quilted and bound. Here’s a close up of part of her. I’ve struggled to photograph the colours true to life, but this is close. It’s only a bit washed out .53892515_10216398681934183_8549305494164996096_nFancy stitching would be lost in the busy top;  I decided to use the blocks to guide Xs and Os  that would make the plain back interesting.  I even dared to use medium blue bottom line thread so that the stitching would be a little visible. 54521154_10216398960301142_6070659543858151424_n

I thought it only fair that you should see Squared Away at the site of her previous adventures, so I took her back to the dock on which I tried to photograph the first few blocks. The water is in a different state now on this first spring like day. The quilt, inspired by the Squared Away BOM organized by Mari , the Academic Quilter, and Angela, of SoScrappy,  and made with bits from my scrap bag, is now a miracle worker. She can lie on water. Me,  I can even walk on it. It’s a heady feeling, but I won’t be enjoying it much longer this year, I hope.53607182_10216398681294167_7281127451248295936_nNo blocks afloat today! As the sun sets with a beautiful pink glow, there is promise of more sunshine tomorrow, and maybe, just maybe, spring. 

21 thoughts on “Squared Away at Last

  1. You always make me laugh! 🙂 I remember your adventure of the floating blocks. This morning, I made Gord look at your blog! He loved the fact that you can walk on water!!! He loved your quilt! and went on to ask me why I don’t do backs like yours? !! 🙂 He also commented on the awesome quilting!
    Hopefully spring will come soon! And you can get out on the pond!
    Happy Quilting! 🙂


  2. What a pretty quilt — love that border! Your photo shoot is the ideal spot for this quilt; I’m enjoying looking at the sand and sunset while the view out my window, driveway and court is a sheet of ice covered with water. If I could tele-transport myself to that sand and sunset spot, I’d be there!


  3. Hi Ann! Very fitting settings for Squared Away photos. I just LOVE that first photo of the quilt on the dock with all the frozen water just above it and the pretty sky. We are supposed to be around 60 degrees tomorrow. Of course, that means lots of flooding with the rain we are receiving today coupled with the snow melt. What a beautiful finish, and I just love the sashing fabric you chose. It seems to frame each block well without completing or taking anything away from the design. Happy Wednesday to you. ~smile~ Roseanne


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