53555050_10216322701674724_160008525576142848_nYou may well be asking, “What on earth is this?” and “Why would anyone write a blog post about it?”

Raindrop was created, and finished, by me at a 3 hour Quiltcon workshop called Every.Day.Creativity by Debbie Grifka. For the last few years, Debbie has nurtured her creativity by regularly devoting time to create, working from a prompt and having FUN. One year she made 10inch quilts, and that is what she had us make. The prompt for mine was “raindrop”, inspired by the rain which dogged Nashville while we were there.  Then we made postcards with black bias tape on white cotton. Here’s my effort.52856682_10216322771716475_3920229032897019904_nThe next morning, I took a photography workshop, from Kitty Wilkin, Night Quilter. Regular readers of my blog will be saying, “Finally!”

It was excellent: informative, well presented and fun. As I look at my notes, I’m wondering if I can remember half of the information, but even half is a lot more than I knew about taking quilt pictures last week. Students were encouraged to bring a quilt to the session to photograph, but I didn’t pack one; I needed my suitcase space for purchases. (Why, when I’m not buying fabric this year, I don’t know. HaHa.) What I did have was Raindrop, made the previous night, so I took her along and snapped some pictures in the conference centre. 53046582_10216322700594697_4698456860456386560_nHere she is on the floor. I thought the picture was straight, but as I look at it now I realize it isn’t quite. No, Raindrop hadn’t gone to the bar at the Omni the night before, drinking bourbon laced milkshakes. I might have. 53408377_10216322701194712_9187886441529606144_nAnd here she is, going upstairs. I forgot the rule of thirds. I still like it, though. 53340098_10216322854358541_3060907463965409280_nI’ve changed to vivid warm on my Iphone, and the colours are closer to realistic.

And here she is, telling a story.53513182_10216322701754726_7895385908621344768_nAnd now here I am at home after a marvellous week in Tennessee, looking forward to putting just a little Quiltcon inspiration into my quilting. I’ll get onto that just as soon as I get a half suitcase full of fabric, books and rulers put away.

Happy Quilting!

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7 thoughts on “Raindrop

  1. No. I did not wonder. Not at all. At first glance it looked like the mountain trying to reach the moon. On second glance it could be a sperm headed for the egg. Aaah…deconstructed raindrop – ok that works too 🙂 It looks lovely and that is the most important of all.
    I am sure I will think of three other things as soon as I hit “Post comment” .


  2. Oh wow!!! What an awesome time you must have had. Another blogger talked about taking a class with the same lady. She loved it as well!
    Bourbon laced milkshakes? sounds … um … not very nice … one or the other, please, not mixed together! 🙂
    Have fun with your new purchases! Are you going to show us any of them? 🙂
    Happy Quilting! 🙂


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