Best of 2018

Cheryl of Meadow Mist Designs is hosting a Linky Party for Best of 2018 and there are so many wonderful quilters joining the party that I am suffering FOMO (fear of missing out, for those of you who don’t have children to keep you informed).

How does one choose the best of 2018? What makes a quilt “the best”? For me, quilting is all about having fun with colour and design while creating something that might even be useful and attractive. I get a great sense of satisfaction from finishing an item, even if I don’t have a particular plan for it; the pile of quilts on my spare room bed is a testament to that.  Quilting is also about making connections with like minded people, in person, and this year, in blog land. My top five picks reflect these sentiments.

  1. Most fun to make would have to go to Shoo Fly Rosie.35415441_10214464518901316_1581451179370479616_nShe was created in response to the president’s challenge of the MMQG to use a classic block (shoo fly, in this case) in a modern setting. Rosie is an original. She was improv pieced on the fly (only appropriate for shoo fly, no?) and free motion quilted. She was FUN from start to finish.
  2. Most fun to photograph was also the most popular blog post. There is a clear winner in this category, Blocks afloat. You may remember this picture37245040_10214704300335702_3464150003377766400_nThe blocks have evolved into Squared Away Is.45965127_10215548800767685_2041166830713700352_n The flimsy will be quilted early in the new year.
  3. Most important quilt to get finished was my daughter’s wedding quilt, Mawwiage.35401567_10215062740155532_1854158740555563008_nIt was also the biggest quilt i have made, covering the newlyweds’ king sized bed generously, and was the most challenging to quilt.
  4. UFO that made me happiest to finish? It would have to be My First Quilt .43062112_10215275148686554_3139031974186844160_nI despaired of ever finishing this hand quilted six block sampler, but I joined Quilting Gail ‘s PHD program and was motivated to get ‘er done.
  5. Most fun to gift goes to the Reading Cushions that are seeing lots of use by their now 16 month old owners.

    2018 has been quite the year. There was joy, there was frustration. There were lots of good times, and some not so good, but through it all, I count my blessings and hope you are able to count yours. May you all have a Happy New Year.

Linking up with Cheryl at Meadow Mist Designs

12 thoughts on “Best of 2018

  1. Oh Rosie’s my hands-down favourite! Lovely to see her placidly chewing her cud again. 🙂 However the setting for Mawwiage is my favourite, though your ocean shots come pretty darn close. My eldest gave me Cary Elwes book about the making of the movie for Christmas, looks good. Here’s to 2019!


  2. Hi Ann! Your daughter’s wedding quilt is just beautiful. My favorite post was your blocks afloat one – I’m glad no blocks were harmed in the photographing for that post. Many blessings and Happy New Year to you. ~smile~ Roseanne


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