DrEAMi! bag

This is Nanette. Nanette is a gnome.


Nanette is a wedding gnome created with the guidance of Elizabeth Hartman’s Norm and Nanette pattern that I have wanted to try ever since I first saw it.

It’s been a tangly fall for me. The contents of my previously flooded basement, including the sewing area, were returned; I unpacked several mountains of boxes. Some new replacement furniture needed to be assembled. My longarm continued to misbehave (still a problem), and to cap it all off, I’ve had two lots of eye surgery, necessitating out of town stays and weeks of visual challenges. On one of those trips I frequented Patch Halifax, a lovely, modern, independent quilt shop, and purchased the newly arrived pattern.

On that same trip, I was chatting with my daughter about her friend who is getting married in the fall of 2019. She has a huge exam to pass in June, a father who is ill, and soon will need to move to a new town for work. I thought she could do with a little whimsy in her life, so I set to work to make her a tote bag in which to keep her wedding “stuff”‘.

I reasoned that even if I couldn’t see clearly, and the bag wasn’t perfect, it wouldn’t really matter. It’s the thought that counts, isn’t it? Off I went to Patch Halifax again to buy fabric and borrow a free motion foot for my machine. Nanette  came together like a dream, but when I had  her assembled, I realized she was much too tall, so I amputated her feet with my stitch ripper. Drastic measure, I know, but what could I do?

There is a pocket in the lining, and more than three yards of webbing for handles. 48918852_10215888943711046_7139255743634472960_nThe free motion quilting on the back is pretty questionable (no pictures were taken), but I do like the spirals I made for her cheeks and the curl on her forehead. There was a bow added to the collar to conceal the fact the decorative stitching didn’t line up, but not until after the photo session. And here she is, my last DrEAMi! project of the year.

48912133_10215888943511041_8413281753891864576_nNanette, whose real name has been changed to protect the recipient, got the warmest of welcomes. I have no doubt she has gone to a good home.

Linking up with the other drop everything and make its (aka. DrEAMi!s) with Sandra at mmmquilts.

22 thoughts on “DrEAMi! bag

  1. Sometimes I can’t decide if I like the story behind a quilt or the quilt itself better, and this is one of those. I ADORE Nanette, laughed out loud at you amputating her feet (without anaesthetic right lol) and empathize with the eye surgery (mine was minor) and with someone getting married who is facing multiple life stressors (sounds like my daughter who was just married). My first thought, I must tell you, was WOW, what incredibly perfect piecing, and didn’t see the collar misalignment until you pointed it out. So there!


    1. Thanks, Sandra. The bride in question is such a lovely young woman that it breaks my heart a little that she can’t just bask in the joy of the upcoming wedding. Realistically there’s probably not a bride who does. I hope hers goes as well as your daughter’s, because it sounds like that was pretty well perfect.


  2. Hi Ann! I was just thinking about you yesterday and today, and am thrilled to see a post from you. I just love Nanette and how she turned out. I am sure that her feet will not be missed, and that she was received with all the love you stitched into it. What a nice gift to give. I hope that her move, test, and wedding all go well for her but most of all that good health is returned to her father. {{Hugs}} to all of you and Happy Happy New Year to you and your family. ~smile~ Roseanne P.S. I’m going to send our special award to Gail from both of us tomorrow!


  3. You had me laughing … amputating with a stitch ripper! 🙂
    The bag is practical and lovely!
    I hope your eye sight returns to better than normal and that you can settle into your sewing room in the new year!
    Happy Quilting! 🙂


  4. I am sure Nanette was well received and will be treasured. I love it. I love it when plans do come together! You have been like a dog with a bone in getting your list completed even despite the challenges. I am proud of your accomplishments and have tried to follow your example.


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