Squared Away Is.

Here is my Squared Away quilt top! 45965127_10215548800767685_2041166830713700352_n

Thanks are in order to Mari, of  Academic Quilter and Angela of soscrappy  for the Squared Away BOM program. The blocks were fun to make, the directions were clear and accurate, and there were lots of useful tips. The first Saturday of each month, I’d check for the new block choice, and it was always there, with a little historical background. Such a treat! A thousand thank yous, ladies!

The blocks were made from my scraps, which added to the challenge and the fun. Each month, I would think, “But I have no (insert colour) scraps!”. Then I’d dig through the bag, check my leftover charm squares, look at my daughter’s donations, and all of a sudden, I’d have choices to make. Animals and boats and all manner of colours would appear in the blocks, and I would love them. And try to take pictures of them.

There was a misadventure, but that only added to the fun. No blocks were permanently harmed in the photographic process. 37245040_10214704300335702_3464150003377766400_n

Then came the setting challenge. I love Mari’s on point setting, but I had many figures that would look like they’d been drinking if I did that. And who wants to look at a drunken hippo? Straight setting it was. Sashing? Yes. I wanted to define the blocks. And just when I was thinking “white”, I read a post talking about value variation being necessary for a dynamic quilt. I auditioned several dark fabrics and decided on navy with green polka dot. I tried to have a line of polka dots centered in each sash, with mixed success, and cut the pieces a little less than 1 1/2 inches.

When I put the top together, I found it a bit small and decided to add a border. I started a pieced one, but it just didn’t work. 46022125_10215548073749510_4627553062137888768_nThen I tried piano keys. Nope. While the quilt as a whole is multicolour, each block reads as only one colour, and the bright, mixed, border scraps screamed for attention. After further contemplation, I decided the proportion of background light to feature colour was the key. Eureka! “I have fabric from Cameroon, that might work!”

I love this quilt. It is very busy, especially when hanging on the line on a windy day. No, seriously.  Each block is busy, due to the multiple fabrics and some patterned backgrounds. The sashing is patterned. The border is unusual and drags the very conventional, structured, design of the quilt out of its classic constraints, and into a global context. And makes it SO much more interesting. What do you thing? A lesson to live by for all of us?45902486_10215548800887688_6857150222775091200_n

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22 thoughts on “Squared Away Is.

  1. So glad your sewing room is operational again and that you shared this finish. It’s just stunning, and while I can never imagine having the nous to have considered that border, I love it. I remember the blocks in the water episode, it seems like so long ago!


  2. Your quilt is a beautiful triumph. Love, love, love all that busyness, the colours, the pattern…all combine to sing such a happy song. I believe one could look at this quilt for hours. I did laugh at your blocks floating on the water; love that photo. I enjoyed reading all the back story. A most spectacular finish!


  3. Oh I absolutely love this quilt!! I have a hundred million scraps that would look so much better all sewn up like these are- Fabulous job!


  4. Hi Ann! It is SO NICE to see quilting posts from you again. Woohoo to being back in your sewing studio. Too long gone, I know. I had to giggle to myself and say, oh THIS is the project that had the blocks floating away. Very great photos, of course, and no blocks hurt in the photographic endeavor. This is so darn pretty! I love all of the blocks, fabrics and how you have them laid out. The sashing allows each block to shine on its own yet ties them all together. Happy Monday to you! ~smile~ Roseanne


  5. Love it! Love it! Love it! I like how you think outside the box! And I remember your post about your misadventure! 🙂 What a great challenge at using scraps!!! Oh, and did I mention that I love it? Happy Quilting! 🙂


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