A Tale of One Wall

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times… It was a story known only to quilters. Certainly, Dickens would never have written a tale like this.

Back on May 30, my basement, including my sewing room, flooded. It’s contents were evacuated, the floor and bottom couple feet of gyproc removed, and there followed months of frustration when I could easily access neither my sewing belongings, nor much of the upstairs, that was crowded with “stuff” from below. Fast forward to this weekend, and I am finally almost back to normal. In fact, now that the mess is almost gone, some things are better than before, with new lights in my sewing room and over the cutting table, fresh paint and flooring, and even some new furniture. I decided it was time for the old dollar store plastic table cloth to be replaced by a proper design wall

After studying several tutorials about such things, I knew I needed insulation and white flannel. I bought these, had the insulation cut so it might fit in my car, and headed home. I should add, I headed home with my trunk open and one hand clutching the styrofoam so it didn’t fly away as I sped down the highway. Thank goodness I had just traded in my standard for an automatic, and had a free hand. And the store was only a few minutes from my house.

There was a thin grey film on the insulation, which peeled off. Sort of. I couldn’t pick off the grey residue, so I decided to paint it. I went down to my paint stash for some ceiling white but found this Tremclad spray. Sticks to plastic, wood, metal, and other things. Perfect. 45374048_10215492446478863_2876260811251122176_n Not so much.

The paint dissolved bits of the styrofoam, leaving trenches. The good news is that it is clearly a great solvent, because the remaining grey plastic peeled right off. Time to break out some batting and glue.

After the batting was glued in place and trimmed, the white flannel was stapled down on the back, and the masterpiece screwed to the wall. Sadly, the imperfections can be seen in the photo. They’re not quite as obvious in person.

Truth be told, I don’t really care. When the blocks go up, it looks perfect. I love it!45275107_10215492444158805_3240765941109227520_nNow that my mountain of boxes has been sorted, it’s time to sew again!


24 thoughts on “A Tale of One Wall

  1. Hi Ann! Those trenches won’t impact your design wall one bit. But seriously – only you. You take a picture on a pier and your block flies into the water. I can just picture you going down the highway! AND your blocks look fabulous I might add. I am so glad you are back in business, and even better in some way. No one deserves it more! Happy Happy Sunday to you. ~smile~ Roseanne


  2. Looks like you are “Back in Business” let the creativity continue ( was going to say begin, but that never stopped!). Great space that’s improved. Enjoy! Love the blocks and can’t wait to see more.


  3. You are unflappable I think 🤔 I can imagine that scene of your car going down the road in the wind. The wall will be / is perfect for your sewing studio and those blocks — gorgeous!


  4. Well, your experience with the design wall construction has given you wisdom you can share (or just shared) with us, so that’s a win. And it looks great to me, with all those beauties gracing it! You are going to love your design wall. I have a smaller one, made from an artist’s canvas. It hangs on the wall, but I can take it down and move it. It works great; it’s just too small for some of my projects. So happy for you that you are getting back into your “new” space!


  5. Oh, I feel your pain! Congratulations on getting everything back together. I know what you mean about the film. Some of mine peeled off too but I just covered it in flannel and moved on. LOL I figure that if I keep something on the design wall, it won’t be noticeable. It doesn’t diminish its usefulness. It is a great design wall. I know you will love yours too.


  6. Well done Ann! Congratulations on your new and improved design wall and sewing room! Absolutely love those blocks too btw!


  7. You design wall IS perfect, and check out those beautiful blocks! Glad your sewing space is functional again and hope you had fun putting it all back together.


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