My First Quilt is Finished!

I have just finished My First Quilt!43121742_10215275148366546_3732892004078583808_n

Back in 2005, my friend and I took “Introduction to Quilting: Six Block Sampler”. Our materials list instructed us to choose a fabric we loved and, using it as a guide, select four more fabrics to go with it. I went off to class with my lovely, bright colours, to find the other seven people in the class had chosen “autumn” fabrics, and the teacher asked it I was making a baby quilt. I was offended.

Rotary cutters were relatively new, and our teacher was very traditional, so most of the blocks were constructed with templates. I struggled with sewing accuracy, but still loved the whole process. I would race home from class and start the week’s homework, and got my top assembled on schedule. Then came the quilting. The hand quilting.43098778_10215275148726555_602308853333229568_n

I started with great enthusiasm, but rapidly got bored out of my mind with it. And life was busy and the quilt ended up in a bag somewhere. For years. Every now and then,  I would take it out and sew a few lines of quilting and realize, yet again, that I hated hand quilting. A number of times, I nearly put it under the sewing machine, but there had been too much hand quilting already done for that.42498677_10155781764245754_354785378349088768_n

Along came Quilting Gail, and the PHD project.  I listed My First Quilt as an undone project, with no real hope of finishing it. Somehow, that was just what I needed. I sewed a little at home,  but mostly during breaks at work, and even took it on holiday until, magically, it was done. Done perfectly? Hardly. Heavily quilted? You’ve go to be kidding. Finished? Absolutely. And its destination? I have no idea. I do not want to see it in my sewing room. Maybe I’ll put it away for a future grandchild. After all, it looks like a baby quilt.


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22 thoughts on “My First Quilt is Finished!

  1. Congratulations!!!!! So great that you finished the project that started it all. I like the colors and think that while it would certainly make a lovely baby quilt, it certainly has other options in life. 🙂


  2. Hooray for you! My first quilt was a six-block sampler that I hand pieced. Years later I paid an Amish woman to hand quilt it for me. Everyone in the class had blue or mauve quilts; mine was green, and green is still my favorite color. Enjoy your beautiful bright quilt!


  3. Well done! You beat me by a year! This summer I finished a quilt I started in 2006, also hand quilted. Putting it aside for a future grandbaby is a perfect idea! Nothing like being ready!


  4. Hi Ann! I’m giggling over you bored out of your mind with the hand quilting. There certainly is a time and a place for hand quilting, and it may just not be your cuppa tea. That’s okay! I don’t mind doing it, but certainly not on any project with a deadline. I think you did a great job and your sampler blocks look fab. Definitely keep it! It is your first after all. ~smile~ Roseanne


  5. It must feel great to have that first quilt finished, and what a story/memory it has! I love the bright colors! My oldest quilt is from 2004 and isn’t quilted yet. No, I’m not hand quilting it. Hahahaha! I had hoped to finish it this year, but I don’t think it will happen.


  6. Better late than never! If only it could talk- the stories it could tell.
    But I am sure wherever it ends up it will be loved and be part of many more stories to come.
    Congratulations on completeing another project.


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