September update on the PHD

So… 9 months gone and 3 to go with the PHD. Back in January, I committed to finishing 16 of 26 known UFO, and to starting no projects that wouldn’t be finished by year end. In other words, not adding to the UFO pile.IMG_E0621Since August 1, I have completed the teal and green pillow, and added the mountie to my  row by row quilt. That makes 4 out of 6 in column one finished.

In column two,  there remain only a couple row by row kits that went missing in my sewing room flood. They will turn into tote bags quicker than you can say PHD when they reappear. All the rest of those kits were used in the row by row quilt that is DONE. 36970988_10214639755602124_8633106233164824576_n

Column three still has three undone projects, but  two of them are presently receiving attention and should be ready for quilting by October’s end. Another awaits quilting. Of note is that the second one from the top has been finished and gifted. DSC_0053Finally, of the six items in column four, three remain and probably will not be finished by year end, although I am soldiering away on the blessed hand quilting on my first quilt. It even went to Ireland last week in hopes the leprechauns might put in a few stitches. No such luck. I did, though, and I can almost taste that finish. Or is it the Guinness? Or Dublin Bay prawns?

The total to date is 13 UFOs completed, with 3 more needing to be completed by year end for the PHD. That is very doable, given there are a number of easy finishes left in the pile. I just have to find them when the boxes return from post flood storage. Otherwise, I’ll have to buckle down and quilt the few that’ll be ready for that very shortly, assuming my long arm comes out from under wraps. Truth be told, my fingers are itching to get at them. The sewing room finally has flooring, so there is hope life will return to normal.

The real challenge now becomes how to complete new projects started this year. My Fancy Forest is ready for quilting, and my squared away BOM is on track. It doesn’t finish until November, so it’ll be tight getting it done. There’s a baby quilt partly quilted. Sounds fine, but oh, the temptations. I SO want to do the blockhead quilt along, and make my friend a quilt for Christmas, and start another wedding quilt…NO. Well… maybe. I confess I’ve started cutting out the Christmas present, but you didn’t read that here.

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13 thoughts on “September update on the PHD

  1. You’ve made great progress this year! I’m also working on my PhD with Gail. I did not do well in the “don’t start new projects” category, so that will determine if I earn my degree or not. I love your row by row quilt!


  2. Ann, my blog has been updated with your Sept. update. I think Debby is an awesome friend!! Do you know if she wants to visit the west coast? I could easily give her LOTS to do! 🙂
    Happy Quilting! 🙂


  3. Hi Ann! Well, isn’t that just neato – inspiring your friend Debby?!! That is very, very cool in my book. Only three UFOs is just fabulous. I always forget that any new projects have to be completed too. Hmm. Makes me want to hesitate to start that purse for my SIL . . . but nah. I do want to get it finished for her. Happy Sunday! ~smile~ Roseanne


  4. You deserve a pat on the back for your accomplishments. You’ve inspired me to finish some of my ufo’s, which I’m doing. If you want some help with the hand sewing bring a spare needle and thimble to the next guild meeting and I can see a few stitches with you.

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