Deer for dinner

38020793_10214792636824059_2501962369979121664_nLast month when I visited my younger daughter in St. Catharines, I somehow found myself in Kindred Spirits Quilt Co. I know not how this happened, but it involved a GPS and a rented car. I have too much fabric. I do not need more, but the deer in the Chloe line from Northcott drew me like a magnet, and before I knew it, a number of half yard cuts and fat quarters were mine. 

That fabric has been calling me since I got home until, finally, I abandoned my UFOs and quilt alongs and cut into it. The DrEAMi! project was inspired by the Garden Party Placemats of Vivika Hansen Denegre, published in Make it! Patchwork  (2017), from the editors of Modern Patchwork. I didn’t follow her directions precisely, but used her methods as guidelines, and they were great. Strip sets were made, cut into sections, pieced to other sets and then trimmed again. 


They are backed with batik I bought years ago and still love. There is a 1/2″ seam through the back so the placemats could be sewn around all edges, then turned. I sewed almost half way along the seam with a regular stitch, backstitched, then switched to a long basting stitch for a couple inches, switched back to regular stitch, backstitched, and continued to the end. When it’s time to turn, I simply removed the basting stitches, and had an opening for turning. I then closed the gap with a small pieced of iron on adhesive. Could have hand stitched them but wasn’t in the mood.

When they were turned and pressed, I did some random straight lines and corners with the walking foot, and they were done. 38027308_10214792635744032_5713156632326701056_nAnd now I have some everyday placemats to spill gravy on. I’m hoping they’re busy enough to conceal my mess.

May you always have food to eat, even if you don’t have placemats like mine.

Linking up with Sandra’s squirrel parade of DrEAMi! projects.

22 thoughts on “Deer for dinner

  1. These are delightful! I desperately need to follow suit and make some new placemats for every day use. Thanks for the inspiration.


  2. These are fabulous Ann! I love the first shot with the owl (is it Hedwig?) mug on one! I will have to look up Vivika’s method; thanks for the link, and for linking up with DrEAMi! I thought hey, I’ve been chatting with a Vivika off and on over the past 5 or so months, odd to come across that name again…it’s one and the same! 🙂


  3. Hi Ann! I think I could hear that fabric calling out to you even from this distance. I think you did the line proud. Now keep the gravy from falling onto these new pretties, although I know they are washable. Enjoy them because you did a nice job! Happy Monday! ~smile~ Roseanne


  4. I am now up to date with your blog. Very informative and entertaining as well. Makes me feel like a shirker with so man UFO’s of my own. Love your posts.

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  5. It has been years since I have visited Kindred Spirits . Maybe I will get back one of these days. I love the fabric in your placemats. It looks like a fun technique.


    1. Thanks, Lisa. That fabric was irresistible. I’m just happy I managed to leave some of the collection behind. The store is definitely worth a visit, as is Modern Bee, which is in Virgil on the road to Niagara on the Lake. There are some excellent wineries and restaurants in the area, as well as the outlet mall.


  6. They look wonderful!! Will definitely hide the gravy. Kindred Spirits is a great shop. I have gotten waylaid there as well. Lol


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