Blocks afloat

This morning I thought I’d take a progress picture of my Squared Away BOM blocks.

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying these blocks, presented by Mari, the Academic Quilter, and Angela of SoScrappy, and am absolutely thrilled with myself that I’m up to date.

There’d been some rain last night and my wharf was still a bit damp, but I thought I could put the blocks on it and there would be a lovely picture of them against the unfinished wood, with water and trees in the background. Down to the lake I went and started laying them out. A gust came up and this happened.


What to do? Here’s a hint.


Gather the blocks that hadn’t blown away. Put the phone on them for weight. Wade into the water. Oops! Those rocks are slippery. Slow down. The blocks are floating into deep water! Take off the housecoat (be thankful there’s no one else out for an early morning dip), and rescue those blocks. Wait! There’s one sinking. Pin it against a slimy rock and drag it to the launch. Breathe a sigh of relief that blocks and block maker are safely ashore.

So I took my blocks, some dry, some not, and laid them out on the grass, well away from the water.


Take a good look at this picture and you will see the pair of diggers and length of weeping tile in the background. My yard has been a busy place, and there’s hope that I’ll have a dry house and a functional sewing room sometime. Why is it my life is feeling like a gag reel?

This is the turquoise block with the beach houses. It was the one pinned against the slimy rock, and was subjected to a trip to the bathroom sink spa to clean up.


And these are my blocks. Can’t wait to see what they’ll be up to next.



Hope you’re getting some swimming time this summer.


27 thoughts on “Blocks afloat

  1. I was staring at that first picture and trying to figure it out so I kept reading. Thanks for sharing the story and all of the pictures. I am sure you were fretting over it but it made a good, entertaining story! They look like they were not harmed by their adventure!


  2. Well, it may have made for a wet photo shoot, but I made for a great story 🙂 I think my heart jumped to my throat when I saw the blocks floating in the water. Glad the blocks and the block maker made it out of this adventure okay!


  3. Hi Ann,
    I so glad your housecoat didn’t weigh you do, and you didn’t fall subject to that slippery rock! heehee, I really had a giggle both yesterday when I saw your photo on IG and then again today. So really happy that you were able to salvage all of them!! ~smile~ Roseanne


  4. Well unlike your blocks I have yet to go swimming this summer. I think I had better rectify that. I hope your life calms down a bit and you get your sewing room back.


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