PHD mid year update

June 30 marks the halfway point of 2018. As one who enrolled in Quilting Gail’s PhD program, I’m choosing this as a time for a performance evaluation, and using this blog to keep myself accountable. Here’s hoping this works better than Weight Watchers weigh ins.

Back at the beginning of the year, these were the UFO’s that I documented. I’m not confessing to how many more I discovered after I took this picture; some things are best kept in the closet. Or the plastic tub. Or under a pile of fabric. You understand.IMG_E0621

There are 26 items here, and I committed to finishing 16 of them by year end.

From column one, I have finished the Santa Pillow, and turned the blue star into a wine gift bag.

From column two, the Hippo Addition, Valentine runner, and Christmas presents have all been finished.

From column three, Shimmer and Squares of Liberty are complete. The picture of Shimmer is a new one, and there’ll be more appearing soon on this blog.

From column four, Christmas Hanging GardensOrnament in the Woods, and Freefall Maple Leaves are finished.

That makes 10 of the promised 16 projects completed. On track so far.

Gail’s other caveat was that any new projects started must be completed during the year; no new UFOs could be generated. I have started and completed Mawwiage and Shoo Fly Rosie , as well as seven bow ties, two robes, and a few small projects. The two quilt alongs in which I’ve enrolled are on track to finish by year end.

Sounds good so far, right? Well… I had a flood. My basement, sewing room included,  was ankle deep in water a month ago, and that knitted cap that was to be my easiest finish is missing. That’s what I get for including it. It’s like when I was at Girl Guide camp and picked the easiest part of the after dinner clean up: the roasting pan, because it looked pretty clean already. But I had no hot water, and the leaders laughed to kill themselves as I struggled to remove grease without it. Should have learned my lesson about cheating then. Clearly didn’t. Now I’ll have to finish something harder to make it to 16 by year end.

On the plus side, the Row by Rows, with the Mountie, are together in a flimsy, and I’ve started piecing the back. Those two might even be out of the PHD pile by the end of this long weekend.

Here in Newfoundland, July 1 is a day of remembrance of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment that was decimated at Beaumont Hamel in WW1. For the most part, we are happy to celebrate having joined Canada in 1949, but here, more than in the rest of the country, we are poignantly aware of the sacrifices that went into building the nation we have today.

May the sun shine on you this weekend.



17 thoughts on “PHD mid year update

  1. Greetings from Cape Breton! I followed a link in mmmquilts blog post to you, and so enjoyed the post she was directing us to, I had to start scrolling through your archived posts for more. I have to stop here to tell you what a delightful blog you have and how much I am enjoying myself as I sit this morning with my coffee and take this leisurely scroll through your blog.


  2. You’ve made great progress! So sorry to hear about the flooding but glad the replacement sewing machine pedal means you are up and running.


  3. Hi Ann! I am so sorry to hear about the flood in your sewing area (and other areas as well). I’m hoping it did not impact your sewing machine!! How awful. I have an update posting next week but haven’t made a dent in my PHD list so that is just a brief paragraph. You are doing great! What a FABULOUS idea, making the wine bottle holder out of the star block. I LOVE that idea and how it turned out. I have to remember the caveat about all new projects having to be finished . . . and I have unearthed a few more UFOs since January as well. Those darn tubs hold more than one expects, and there are always a few surprises at the bottom. Happy Saturday! ~smile~ Roseanne


    1. Thanks, Tracie! It was actually useful to stop and look at what’s been done. Like many of us, I sometimes dwell on the things that are still undone, and forget to congratulate myself for what has been accomplished.


  4. Wow what an impressive achievement. I got as far as making a list which is still on my design wall. I also managed to create more UFO’s but finished some projects. You have inspiredto me to get cracking. Thanks Ann I love your blog.


  5. Wow what an impressive achievement. I got as far as making a list which is still on my design wall. I also managed to create more UFO’s but finished some projects. You have inspiredto me to get cracking. Thanks Ann I love your blog.


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