One month to W day

30623941_10214026597953566_1184048528465330176_nIt’s April 12. One month from today will be my daughter’s Wedding Day, and I’m getting excited. Apart from a little moral support with choice of venue and dress, I’ve done little for the event; she is the queen of planning, and has everything under control. My job was to make ties for wedding party, and here they are. I thought I had them done last week until I was reminded one of my daughter’s attendants is a man in need of a tie. Oops!

30688206_10214026598393577_3701610760829403136_nThe robes for the bride and maid of honour to wear for the “getting ready” pictures are finished.  Hope they look good. I’m happy with the white, but not so sure about the navy. I’m thinking it’ll flatter the blonde MOH, and after all, it’s the bride who should shine, isn’t it?

Tomorrow, I’m off to the first of two quilting retreats this month, and the wedding quilt fabric is cut and packed. There’ll be some pedal to the metal sewing if the top is to be done in a month. I’ve resigned myself to the fact it will likely be quilted while the newlyweds are honeymooning.

And lest you think I have abandoned my PHD quest…


This 18 inch square for which there was no use, turned into this:30629778_10214026597513555_673634580648951808_oIt’s a wine bottle bag, made using this pattern. I could have done a better job centering the cross- I hadn’t realized it would work this nicely, and was just trying to avoid the place where I had melted the silver lame with the iron. When it was finished, I thought, “That’s nice, but what am I doing with it?” and then, “Eureka!” I have a friend , who likes a nice bottle of wine and is graduating from divinity school this year. Perfect. Couldn’t have planned it better.

4 thoughts on “One month to W day

  1. Would love to see pictures of the wedding party. What a cute idea for the ties. Our oldest daughter had a lovely wedding, but the other two eloped — one because her future mother-in-law was causing so many problems, and the other because she couldn’t wait.


  2. How exciting for the wedding to be only a month away! And you have given yourself two nice diversions that will allow you to get that quilt finished. Nice job on the wine bottle bag, and how perfect is that design for your friend?!! It’s like it was destiny or something . . . ~smile~ Roseanne


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