Wedding projects

Wedding excitement has started in my family. Margaret, my elder daughter, is getting married to James, a lovely young man, on May 12, and I’m realizing I need to get moving on my projects.

Months ago she found a pattern , ordered fabric for bow ties for the men in the wedding party, and asked me to make them. I happily agreed, setting about the project in a desultory fashion. The first was too short, the second too narrow, and third much better but a little big in the knot… Goldilocks had nothing on me. This weekend I got to work, and made six ties. They still need a final press, but they’re done. I learned that it is much easier to sew on a drawn line than to try to keep a perfect 1/4″ seam around curves, so I made a template, drew around it on the fabric, sewed along that line and then trimmed the ties.


29572992_10213953999978662_7758450959374589027_n.jpgApparently these days brides wear robes when they are getting their hair and makeup done. I bought the fabric for two last summer (one for the bride and one for her sister, the MOH), and the pattern at Christmas. It’s been a long time since I’ve done much garment sewing, but tonight I unfolded my Michael Miller Confetti Border and cut out the first robe. I’m just hoping it really is “Kwik Sew”.


And then there’s the wedding quilt. Most of the fabric was bought a year ago in England- it’s the lovely Tilda Bumblebee .

29595132_10213953999338646_1360192055470109829_nI found some Northcott solids to go with it, dithered over the pattern, finally deciding on a classic, and made a trial block. You’ll see my choice midMay. One of the solids didn’t work, so I ordered more fabric in a different colour. I’ve actually started on the blocks but there’s a long way to go; the young couple has a king sized bed. They also have two dogs and a cat that frequent the bed, so the pattern isn’t too demanding. I’d rather the quilt be user friendly than a masterpiece for the shelf.

Luckily I have two retreats coming up. I’m going to need the sewing time. As for the PHDs.. there’ll be nothing done this month, but at least I’m not adding to the pile.



8 thoughts on “Wedding projects

  1. It’s getting closer – yikes! I love your wedding projects. Certainly helps pass the time! And welcome to the New Blogger Hop!


  2. Goodness me, you are going to be busy after work, fitting all this in! But it will be worth it, your daughter’s wedding will be so special with all the handmade touches to her day. Well done on having the ties done, that’s a good tip too, sewing on a line rather than to a seam.


  3. Wowee – you have a lot on your plate for the next 6 weeks or so! I’ll bet that was a learning experience making those bow ties! And a robe! Margaret is one lucky girl, as I’m sure she knows. I’ll be happy to watch along as these projects are finished! ~smile~ Roseanne


  4. I love all your projects! I used Kwik Sew patterns to make all my kids’ clothes, so I hope they’re still easy. (I’m ready to go back to garment sewing again.) The quilt fabrics are fabulous! Thanks for the sneak peek.


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