Christmas Hanging Gardens


Have you ever noticed that sometimes serendipity provides just the kick in the pants that you need?28471872_10213705210999093_795464885919901012_n

Moda says the third Saturday in September is National Sew a Jelly Roll Day. Who knew? Not me, when I sat down with my morning coffee last September 16. It was pelting rain and, for once, I had no particular plans for the day. No plans, that is, until I started browsing the quilting websites and learned the day was significant. I confess, my first response was, “I’m Canadian, this doesn’t apply to me” and “Who is Moda to name a day that is clearly in its own best interests?” And then the coffee kicked in, I thought of the lovely Holly’s Tree Farm by Sweetwater jelly roll gathering dust in the sewing room, and the Hanging Gardens pattern I’d ordered from the Cozy Quilt Shop. By the time I was two cups in, the jelly roll was unwrapped, a matching set of charm squares located and a contrast fabric found in the stash. Didn’t bother with the Saturday paper- I was too busy changing the blade in my rotary cutter.


By the time I next caught my breath, every scrap of jelly roll and charm square was cut into log cabin sized pieces and five blocks were completed. I headed for the LQS, found a lovely robin’s egg blue Northcott solid to serve as background, returned home and cut into some of it. By then the caffeine had worn off, and I realized this would make an ideal retreat project, so I put it away. By the end of the fall retreat, the blocks were made, and shortly after, the top was complete.

Buoyed by the success of my quilting Freefall Maple Leaves, and wanting to have some hand sewing for the Olympics, I opened my roll of extra wide batting, ironed the top and flannel backing, and got to work. There followed another LQS trip for binding and many hours of hand sewing while the sports commentators kept me entertained before I earned my queen sized trophy, Christmas Hanging Gardens.


There’s another jelly roll waiting for the third Saturday of this September, if it rains.

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2 thoughts on “Christmas Hanging Gardens

  1. That’s a gorgeous quilt and a great story! I was trying to use your link from Crazy Mom Quilts, but it didn’t work for me for some reason, but “Laughing Gas Quilts” was too intriguing to pass up so I googled you! You might check your link from Crazy Mom Quilts… maybe it was just me? But I’d hate for others not to see this quilt 😀 Well done!


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