Santa Pillow

28378735_10213666897201272_1523633845452079938_nIt’s finished! At least six years ago, I started a Santa pillow. It was made from this pattern which was published in a Better Homes and Gardens Holiday Crafts magazine but, to my surprise, is still available online. I chose a background of turquoise corduroy and used regular craft felt rather than the wool of the pattern; I was in a rush to get it finished for Christmas. The hand embroidered beard was done, complete with sparkly seed beads, when my daughter, in school away, came home from Christmas and admired it. My other daughter, still in high school, liked it too. Clearly I needed two pillows… The whole operation ground to a halt.

Every year as Christmas approached, I’d sew a little on the tops, and eventually finished them. Last year I put the back on one and stuffed it, and this week, finally put a zippered back on the second, and inserted a pillow form in it. 28377721_10213666897161271_2409677293418526335_nThe corners pooked out too much, so I trimmed them back using this trick I learned on Craftsy. And now they’re done, just in time for Christmas 2018, and I have one fewer item in my PHD pile. 28575822_10213666897121270_322078407300998410_n

Wonder if the girls still want them?

3 thoughts on “Santa Pillow

  1. Hi,
    Well, thanks for sharing that tip on how to make the pillow cover actually fit the pillow! Genius, and I wish I had known that when I made some last year. You are ten months ahead of the game! Good for you. ~smile~ Roseanne


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