Squared away in purple

This is my scrapbag. Makes you want to dive right in, doesn’t it (NOT)? This picture is for all those who feel their scraps are imperfectly organized. 27658068_10213518235564824_7119854970226277042_n

I thought I had no purple scraps, until I dug through the first foot and found this.27867899_10213518236244841_424281093696922634_n

OK, time to make my blocks for the squared away BOM hosted by Mari and Angela. Here are my three 10″ purple blocks for February. I had fun making them, especially the one on the bottom left. I found a scrap that had been pieced with two purples, so I cut it into 6 and 1/2″ pieces and flipped some corners. I love the asymmetry of the circle. 27658132_10213518235724828_7707867604995599655_n

This makes a total of 6 blocks, or 20%, of the blocks completed. I am determined not to fall behind in this BOM; the last thing I need is another UFO/PHD. 27751642_10213518235884832_8632875824172131870_nLinking up with Angela at soscrappy happy purpley

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