Squares of Liberty

Pussycat, pussycat, where have you been?

 I’ve been to London to visit … Liberty’s. 

Introducing Squares of Liberty, a runner that has touched both sides of the Atlantic!


Over the last couple years,  younger daughter studied and worked in London, England. Now, if that isn’t an excuse for a mother to go visiting, I don’t know what is. And surely, no quilter could visit London and miss the Liberty store. Forget Buckingham Palace; it’s the Liberty lawn that’s important. And there’s always a tiny bit of space in a suitcase… One thing I bought last year was a package of 2 1/2″ squares in lovely blue prints.

After months of indecision, I decided to make them into a runner, and cut the grey background from Cotton and Steel Sweet Dreams, and a purple solid for contrast. When I assembled my multitudinous UFOs after Christmas, I rediscovered it, and pieced the flimsy. The pattern is Woven Squares by Heather Mulder Peterson, but I added to the width a little, so the pattern of square stripe square stripe would remain regular at the ends. The picture on the left is the original version; the one on the right has my changes.

For fun, when I went to London for daughter’s graduation last week, I took the flimsy to Liberty’s for photographing. It had seemed like a good idea, but when I got there, I suddenly felt like I was on an undercover mission. Not surprisingly, my shots weren’t great, but they do prove the fabric visited home.

This week I finished the little darling. I was happy with the quilting overall, but found stitching in the ditch at the contrast purple challenging. It looks fine from a distance.27336798_10213437171658277_2891038399332222027_nI don’t think I’ve ever bound a quilt with the same fabric as the background, but I do like the look.


If you like snow, may you get mine. We have above freezing temperatures in the forecast, and I’m thrilled. Have a great week!

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