PHD progress report for January

The quest has begun! As with any new project, I have started work on my PHD with vim and vigour. This is my mid-January progress report.

I have completed my Ornament in the Woods, that had been stalled at the flimsy stage,26195640_10213219652180426_36803620574620690_n

a Valentine runner that had needed a binding, and


a Plus quilt, that also needed to be bound. It just had it’s picture taken at the local junior high and, as you can see, we have no snow. Newfoundland in January! Look now, it may never happen again.26239676_10213286808259286_9208426791968188952_n

The runner using the Liberty mini-charms was mostly cut out. I assembled the flimsy and am hoping to get the quilting done soon. I’d like to take it to see its roots when I go to London for my daughter’s graduation next week.26230109_10213279027664776_5059178570085265530_n Wonder of wonders, I even dragged out that sampler that needs hand quilting and put in a few stitches. No surprise, I still have no patience for the technique. It may meet the machine yet.

Progress has been good on the small projects. I’m thinking strategy is important. Should I keep the momentum going and knock off the little things, or bite the bullet and deal with some of the big ones? I’m thinking some more easy courses should be first, but I need to start getting my head around my dissertation, “Row by row, What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”.  What do you think? I certainly don’t want to join the ranks of the failed PHDs.

Keeping myself accountable, one day at a time.


Linking up with Gail’s PHD program at quilting gail

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