Valentine or Betty Boop?



I just signed up to work on my PHD, cementing my resolution to finish a pile of half done projects. So what’s the first thing I want to do? Start a new project, of course.



How can I resist the pull of this? The print is from Annaluna by STOF, and the rest of the colours are inspired by it. Thought I’d make some hearts to demo the mini quick curve ruler at the next Guild meeting. After all, the Christmas decorations have been put away.


Sewed some curves. Put them on the design wall. OH NO!!! It’s Betty Boop! Can you see it too? Just picture a head of dark curls on top and a skirt underneath… Do I add it to the half done pile? Absolutely not; even I have my limits. That pile will not grow this year. I had cut pieces for five hearts, so five hearts I shall have. Sewed them together. They still look rather buxom.


Put the flimsy sideways on the table. Better. Added some borders and quilted it. There is matchstick quilting in cream with the odd gold line in the background. I tried some free motion in gold in the hearts. I wrote “Love” in the blue one. Why I thought 60 weight thread would show up, I don’t know; the heart just looked untidy. Added some silk flowers, an iron-on butterfly, and embroidered “Love” in stem stitch with 3 strands of DMC in red. Still not right. Added a second line in orange to the L. Still dark. Finally, took inspiration from Vera of  Negligent style  and her lovely french knots of last week, and added some yellow seed beads. And I’m done. 26804645_10213278013039411_3024685046500956138_n
It’s blowing a gale today, so the photos suffer from indoor lighting. Still, after all the fiddling with “Love” I don’t want it to take flight.

Happy sewing!

Linking up to amanda jean at crazy mom quilts

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