Ornament in the Woods


I live in a little house in the woods on a lake. At Christmas, it is decorated with more stuff than a sensible person would tolerate, but who said I was sensible? Yes, that’s Santa flying through mistletoe in my skylight.


At our fall Guild retreat, I opened my bag of Christmas scraps. There were wedges from tree skirts, unused stars from a runner and even a small paper pieced tree. Sew Kind of Wonderful has a great free pattern, SKW mod ornament,  so I picked out the Laurel Burch cats and got to work. The ornament needed a frame. I found a decent piece of gold, a friend donated some green quilt trimmings and I broke down and purchased the bright red. Not enough scraps were gone, so I put more to work as trees, stars, presents and general Christmas chaos.

This week I finally quilted it on Tin Lizzie, and put it up on my fireplace. Just as well the season is almost over: the double sided bra tape didn’t hold. I’ll do better next year.


The first project in my PHD pile is completed. Have fun with those last couple days of Christmas!


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11 thoughts on “Ornament in the Woods

  1. Hi Ann,
    Congrats on your first finish for 2018 and for being one step closer to completing your PHD! The hanging looks SO nice over your fireplace and your tree is just beautiful. The quilting looks fabulous as well – I would love to see it closer and ooh and ahh in person. ~smile~ Roseanne


    1. Thanks, Roseanne. I don’t know where you hang out, although from the bit of French, I’m guessing you too are Canadian. If you make it to Newfoundland, you’re most welcome to deliver those oohs and aahs in person. Ann

      On Mon, Jan 8, 2018 at 9:06 AM, Laughing Gas Quilts wrote:


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  2. Beautiful Christmas quilt! It looks great over your fireplace and I love your super bright star on the tree, too. I want to make something out of my Christmas fabric scraps this year, too.


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